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I was walking alone and happy as a cloud until all of a sudden I wasn't.

He spoke to me in broken English. He wanted to know where I was from, and where I was staying that night, and if I had a car and if I had any money. It was the question about money that unsettled me. He told me he would walk with me to the next village to show me the way and keep me safe. I assured him I didn't need anyone to keep me safe, and he laughed at that as though I had made a good joke which, as he settled into my walking pace and eyed me appraisingly, seemed an increasingly sinister response.

As we walked out of town towards a mountain slope that seemed suddenly alarmingly remote, we passed a small church. You pass many small churches in rural Italy, but I noticed this one because there was a funeral just ending. There were mourners standing around - half of them in black, half in a kind of Italian semi-casual style - and a coffin being carried out to a swish-looking hearse.

The sinister stranger stared at the coffin and the hearse, briefly troubled, then gave a little chuckle.

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The hearse wasn't going in any direction. It was still being loaded up.

I was remembering a short story I'd read when I was a small boy, about a kid who encounters a tramp who follows him home and terrorises him in a variety of ways, psychological and physical. At one point he had to kneel in front of the tramp and lick his shoes.

Students walk to the moon and back as part of Walk to School month

Odd, the sorts of things that they used to let kids read. I eyed his footwear with apprehension. How do you shake a slightly menacing Italian highwayman who doesn't want to be shaken, when you are also stricken with the social dread of being rude? Email us your miles You can email your miles to us on walktothemoon stir. How to add your miles without using the apps. How to get more active According to the UK Chief Medical Officers, we should all be doing at least minutes a week of moderate intensity physical activity. Why is walking so good for you?

Discover the benefits of walking. The benefits of activity…and how you can get more active Recent research shows that active students are healthier, happier and more likely to succeed.

How to get more active. How to walk more in your daily routine without going for a walk Too busy? Walk more in your daily routine. Download or listen to the playlist. If there's one thing I wish I'd learnt sooner, it's walking.

We've walked to the moon!

When I was a fashionably young man I was prone to gloom and fits of ennui, susceptible to dark thoughts and creative blocks. None of these things pertain to the walker.

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Bruce Chatwin believed that Homo sapiens was in fact Homo ambulans: walking man rather than thinking man, although I personally don't think there's much difference between walking and thinking. Nothing so clears away the scrips and scraps and sniping noise of modern life and our footling preoccupations, and sets the mind working more deeply and effortlessly and insightfully than the simple act of walking.


There's no personal or emotional or creative problem troubling me that I haven't instantly resolved on foot at an easy, lazy pace. It's a secret weapon, a superpower, available to all of us. The average white-collar worker in an industrialised country will walk ,km in their life, roughly halfway to the moon. I started late but I intend to make it to the moon and back. I'm currently walking through the Sabine Hills, just about an hour outside Rome.

I walk each day from one ancient hilltop town to another, along cowpaths and shepherd's tracks, down into river valleys where clear water runs over white pebbles, and up through green forests and olive groves and pleasant meadows. At night there are fireflies. I am, I thought yesterday as I walked, a lucky man.

I'm lucky because I'm healthy and my legs will carry me.

Walk the Moon talks the moon

I'm lucky because I can afford leisure. I'm lucky in all the ways that lucky people are lucky. My day's path took me briefly along a tarmac road through a small village outside Misciani, on my way to Mompeo.