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Earlier on Monday, Tito ordered police officers to get tough on members and activists of hardline groups who carried out intolerant acts. Tito also ordered members of the corps to keep an eye on groups that carried out intolerant acts under the guise of publicity programs for the MUI edicts. Until now, Christian churches have never reached any consensus about what could be considered as attributes or symbols for Christmas. Responding to the actions of the FPI in Surabaya, the MUI said that any Muslim groups that took the initiative to disseminate information regarding the Christmas edict should not use force against business owners who were unaware of the call.

Religious Affairs Minister Lukman Hakim Saifuddin meanwhile said that no private organizations had the authority to conduct such raids.

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The police chief said that he would discuss the issue with the MUI in the coming days. First of, as a romance in its own right, this is not a bad book. There were some minor issues I had with the writing the author explained a person's feelings with emojis of all things sometimes, which just annoyed me somehow , but all in all, it's not bad. I just love Persuasion too much for the changes this book made to them. If it didn't have "A Persuasion Retelling" in the title, I probably would've liked it more. Changes from the original: - The class difference: In the original, class plays a central role in the novel.

Here, all the subtle differences Austen explored where reduced to a Frederick who dropped out of school and ended up a famous chef, and Adam, whose family run their vineyard into the ground. I only wish it would have felt like there were more obstacles for them to overcome than wounded pride. Here, Lulu's fall is not only implied to be on purpose, but also just serves as a quick solution to get rid of her. After that, she is never seen again, and we only hear from another character that she is engaged to Frederick's friend.

Nothing ever happens with them, they don't play the some role as their original counterparts say, for example, that scene Anne overhears on their walk , and they just ended up feeling superfluous to me. In the original, Anne's cousin William begins to show interest in him, and while she is flattered, she never really considers him as a suitor.

Here, William is an older man who is letting the Elliots stay in one of his houses. He pursues Adam, and Adam eventually starts going out with him, even kissing him. Especially considering the fact that Adam and Frederick had actually kissed shortly before Adam starts seeing William. Which could have been awesome, but I never really understood his motives. His character was never explored enough for me to understand why he wanted to stop Adam from "making the same mistakes he had".

All in all, it was a good book, but it didn't compare well to the original it tries to emulate for me personally. If you have never read Persuasion, don't love it like I do, or even forgot what it was about, you might probably enjoy it. It IS a good romance, after all. His relatives never really accepted that he's gay and that he walk with a limp.

Now that the family vineyard has gone into foreclosure, he must find an other place to live. Fate will put on his path again the first and only man he ever loved, the one he didn't fight for 8 years ago when everyone in his social circle wanted to separate them. Freddy Wentworth was the bad boy of Bishop's Glen, thanks to his tatoos and promiscuous ways.

But something 3. But something changed when he met Elliot. Too bad his pride got in the way and he left town with a broken heart. Now famous after being the mean chef on a reality show, Freddy is temporarily back in town to help his sister with her new business. Don't know if it's the double POV but for me, it has more of a New Adult vibe, but without the sex scenes. I had a great time reading it but some minor details bugged me, which tainted my enjoyment a little bit.

I didn't understand how Adam could see Rusty as a friend after how he acted 8 years ago and I also had a hard time understanding Rusty's reaction.

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His explanations didn't make sense for me. I guess I felt too bad that Adam let people influence his life for so many time but especially for the fact these people wasn't treating him right in the first place. I like the fact we alternate between present days and the past but I would have prefered that the part about the past last longer before getting back to the present and vice versa. I know Jane Austen's books almost word by word, they're masterpieces. And I think that try to rewrite one of her story is a terribly difficult job, so if the author does an half good job is still a good work and a victory.

I think this author did a great job with this rewriting of persuasion. I really really enjoyed this story! It was coherent with the original, but also not a merely rewrite. The characters were portrayed well, and I loved Adam, such a sweetie and without the extremely self commis I know Jane Austen's books almost word by word, they're masterpieces. The characters were portrayed well, and I loved Adam, such a sweetie and without the extremely self commiseration of the original Anne.

The HEA was lovely, and also the journey to get there. Sep 03, Alisa rated it liked it Shelves: zz , second-chances , m-m-read , netgalley , chefs-cooks-bakers. This is a favorite author of mine and I was really looking forward to this book. Unfortunately it wasn't the hit I was expecting it to be.

I think though that was part of my problem. The story jumps back and forth b This is a favorite author of mine and I was really looking forward to this book. The story jumps back and forth between today and 8 years ago and that didn't help the situation for me. Again, we don't get to them having a connection until way into the book. I didn't feel the grief and sadness that I was expecting since they'd been missing each other for so long. Even in the flashbacks we don't get to the parts where they exchange much emotion until really late in the story. I wasn't really committed to any of the characters and really didn't care for any of them except Freddy.

He was so spineless. I really didn't understand the hold Rusty had over him either. I never felt any true connection between them. There was a lot of telling in this book, no where near enough showing. This author can write super emotional books so I'm assuming it was supposed to be this way??

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Maybe a nod to Austin?? If I rated this on enjoyment I would probably rate this more at a two star. I'm not entirely sure about my opinion though. I had just read another retelling of Persuasion by a different author and it was amazing. It's going on my best books of the year list, and as hard as I tried to not compare that book with this one, I just couldn't stop myself.

I think if I had read this first I might have liked it a bit more. Sep 29, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: own-ebook , romance , all , new , romance-lgbtq. And I really liked it! The hardest thing part of this for me was Rusty, and I think actually I find him worse than Lady Russell is in the original?

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There are at least there's a long standing bond and she's not actually threatening Anne's well being, whereas here, Rusty's threat to fire Adam if he didn't break up with Freddy carried so much more weight. Glad I picked this up. Jul 21, Ed Davis rated it really liked it. Listened as an audiobook. Loved the narrator, enjoyed the book.

I have never read the original book by Jane Austin. I really enjoyed this book. I've given this a B- for narration and a B for content at AudioGals. Adam Elliot is spending the evening at the family home on the Kellynch Estate for the final time. But even now, the ladies continue to act as though nothing is wrong and are planning a prolonged stay with an old friend in the Hamptons.


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You can read the rest of this review at AudioGals. Aug 21, Gillian rated it really liked it. Much like in the original, the Elliot family are in a bit of an economic downturn. Adam, with his head in the clouds but his feet still planted firmly on the ground, is trying to make the best of a bad situation. Freddy, his first love. Freddy, the one that got away. Getting there is the fun part and I enjoyed watching Adam and Freddy slowly work their way back together. Plus, his capitulation at the end was a far too sudden turnabout for someone so determined to stop Adam from making a rash decision.

In the end, though, I truly enjoyed Undue Influence and have no problem recommending it to anyone looking for a light-hearted story that will still tug at the heartstrings. Copy received courtesy of NetGalley Jul 04, Yarna rated it really liked it Shelves: long-term-pining , bookclub-reads , you-should-defo-get-to I really liked this one.