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The oil filter will make sure that any foreign particles do not enter the pistons. It will begin to break down over time and become dirty. Once this happens, it will begin to cause wear on the parts and clog the filter which restricts the flow. You can easily complete this tune up task by yourself through draining the oil from your engine through a plug underneath the car along with removing the filter. This may not save you that much money though as standard oil changes are relatively inexpensive.

Just follow a professional recommendation for which choice is best for your vehicle.

Synthetic and high mileage blends may be more expensive, but worth the increased price if that is the recommendation. There are two main air filters in most modern cars. One is found in the engine compartment, while the other will be closer to the cabin. Your wheels are connected to the suspension system which is subject to being knocked out of align through things such as potholes and just normal use. You will notice that your car may pull to either side or be difficult to steer which is a sign that alignment is required.

This will help save you money on replacing tires, as properly aligned wheels will create even wear, extending the life of the tire. There are a few different alignment options to choose from, so be sure to shop around and find the best deal. An electronic measurement system will be utilized to finely adjust your wheels to the original factory specifications. You should be aware that a suspension inspection will also be performed and more work may be recommended, but this is not often required.

If it is suggested by the mechanic, you will want to take the vehicle to another location for a second opinion. Spark plugs are used to ignite the fuel and air mixture in internal combustion engines. They are found at the head of each cylinder and connected to a an insulated wire which carries the electricity required to create the spark. You will notice that your car will have trouble starting or run poorly when spark plug replacement is required. A typical car engine has 4 spark plugs, while larger SUVs and trucks can have up to 8.

It is also a possibility to complete this task yourself and only requires a specialized ratchet head with an extension to reach the spark plugs, which may be difficult to get to. You can reference the specific plug required by consulting an associate at a auto parts store where the plugs can be purchased. Fuel filters sit in line between the gas tank and your engine. They are able to remove any particles and debris suspended in the liquid gas.

The gas tank will also rust and deposit ions and moisture which can damage engine components if not removed. A fuel filter can become clogged and block the flow of fuel to the engine resulting in combustion problems and poor performance. Your fuel filter is either stand alone or located within the fuel pump. Blow-by is a common issue with internal combustion engines and is remedied by this device through venting the gas. You should expect to change this once a year in case it becomes clogged or begins to stick.

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Your transmission is full of a low viscosity oil which is generally colored red or green to appear different than motor oil. This transmission fluid is used as a hydraulic fluid which provides the forces necessary for all of the functions of a transmission. It simultaneously lubricates and distributes heat in the gears of an automatic transmission.

You can check the condition of the fluid along with your service manual to see if it is actually necessary.

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The Pep Boys auto guide to car care and maintenance E. J Braswell. Want to Read.

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Are you sure you want to remove The Pep Boys auto guide to car care and maintenance from your list? The Pep Boys auto guide to car care and maintenance by E. Written in English. Subjects Automobiles , Maintenance and repair. Edition Notes "Easy do-it-yourself upkeep for a healthy car, vital tips for service and repair, strategies for roadside emergencies"--Cover. Other Titles Guide to car care and maintenance, Auto guide to care care and maintenance, PepBoys auto guide to care care and maintenance.

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