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Getting messages and emails saying i am an inspiration, helping them in their lives, even changing some of their lives for the better. But, if this is the case, if others can relate to any part of my story, i hope it will help them. Either to talk, listen, share problems, help others or just to be there for someone. This way, i hope, this message will reach a wider audience. Men apparently are not meant to show emotions.

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I have cried, for days on end. I have collapsed helplessly on the floor in floods of tears. Let someone help, or better still, help someone else. The practical steps. Please help stop my 5 year old crying. A really tough week. How can I keep doing this?

A very tough month. Dreading Christmas. And Christmas is over…. This will occur as a small asteroid passes in front of the star, occulting it for up to 1.

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Yes, the acronym is IOTA. The angular diameter of the asteroid is about 0. Thus, as the asteroid passes in front of Sirius, the star will briefly dim, perhaps completely, before quickly brightening again. Sirius may appear to blink once, slowly.

A 5km asteroid may briefly occult the brightest star in the night sky

Occultation path of Sirius on Monday night. International Occultation Timing Association. Unfortunately, the path for this event will occur mostly over water. Which stars are the brightest? In the constellation of Canus Major, Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky, outdistancing 2 on the list by twice as much.

The Brightest Star in the Sky

The star we see as Sirius was actually a binary star consisting of a white main sequence star Sirius A and a faint white dwarf companion Sirius B. However, Sirius B went supernova, and while its remains help Sirius remain king of Bright, it's no longer two stars.

It's bright because of both its luminosity and its proximity to Earth. Two times as massive as our sun and 25 times more luminous, the "Dog Star" is in a system that is between and million years old.

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