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A young Boston writer goes back in time into an era where wizards and dragon reign and science is just barely known. This is an old one that was suggested by a listener. Thanks for the suggestion, Joe! This one is for you, buddy! We are happy to return from a long hiatus with a new episode, and hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it.

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We had a HUGE technical issue with the recording of this one. I apologize in advance and beg you for your patience to listen to the entire show. This time we go to and the slightly confusing presence of David Bowie in one of the highlights of the decade, fantastically speaking. Join us again as we tackle the tough questions: Is this really happening? What does it all mean? If you enjoy the show, please go to iTunes and give us a good rating.

The Arabian Nights (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)

It helps other people find us on iTunes. We would really love to hear from our listeners. A young man must stop the Lord of Darkness from both destroying daylight and marrying the woman he loves. Once upon a time, no one had even heard of Tom Cruise. Somehow he ended up in Legend, and cemented himself in fantasy movie history. Join Pete, Sharon, and Chris as we talk about the ins and outs of this nostalgic piece of cinema from our teen years. Oz the Great and Powerful A small-time magician is swept away to an enchanted land and is forced into a power struggle between three witches.

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This is a special Halloween episode! Or is it fantasy at all? We touch on that, as well as a bunch of other things as we did this gem from the past. Join us for another great conversation as we talk about which vampire is the best one to kill first. An orphaned boy enrolled in a school of wizardry, where he learns the truth about himself, his family and the terrible evil that haunts the magical world. Conan the Destroyer Conan leads a ragtag group of adventurers on a quest for a princess.

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The vizier's son, Noureddin, ruins it all. While the his mother is in the bath, she has the beautiful slave's chamber guarded by two other slaves.

Noureddin gets past them thus: "The chamber of the Beautiful Persian was only shut off by a tapestry curtain. Noureddin was determined to enter. The two slaves tried to prevent him from doing so, but he took each of them by the arm and turned them out of the ante chamber. They ran to the bath, making loud and bitter complaints; and in tears informed their lady that Noureddin had driven them from their post, and in contempt of their remonstrance had entered the chamber of the Beautiful Persian.

The excessive boldness of her son angered the good lady extremely. She instantly quitted the bath, and dressed herself with all possible haste. But before she could get to the chamber of the Beautiful Persian, Noureddin has left it, and had gone away. The Beautiful Persian was extremely astonished, when she saw the wife of the vizier enter, bath in tears, and looking like a distracted person.

Has any accident befallen you at the bath, that you have been compelled to quit it so soon' 'How! Could a greater misfortune possibly happen either to him or to me? I believed what he told me, and felt no regret at the change in my destiny, notwithstanding the few opportunities we have had of seeing each other. I resign, without regret, the hope of belonging to the king, and shall esteem myself perfectly happy if I am allowed to pass my whole life with Noureddin.

By the big hullabaloo this causes, an adult reader will pick up that something more serious happened than simply "being alone in a chamber together" because the vizier threatens to kill the son, and fears the sultan will kill the whole family, etc. But I don't think a kid will pick up on that. After Camaralzaman goes missing, his wife Badoura impersonates him, and is obliged to accept an offer of marriage to a king's daughter, Princess Haiatalnefous Of course after the wedding Haiatalnefous is increasingly upset as each night after the wedding "Camaralzaman" prays until the princess has fallen asleep, and so the king threatens to kill "him" At the end of the story the real Camaralzaman returns and he marries Haiatalnefous as his second wife and everyone is happy.

So the lady Schemselnihar is the caliph's "favourite". The text doesn't make clear what being the caliph's favourite entails, but it does imply that she is practically his property and that he would be extremely angry when he finds out that this favourite has fallen in love with the Prince of Persia, and he has fallen madly in love with her, and have all sorts of adventures trying desperately just to visit one another, and they both die of grief The Three Apples. A young man buys three apples at great expense for his wife when they're out of season, so he knows his wife has the only three apples in all of Baghdad.

While walking about town, he sees a slave with an apple, who tells him his lover gave it to him, and that her husband was a great fool to travel so far to get three apples for her. He goes home and finds his wife has only two apples left. She says she doesn't know where the other is, so he murders her, cuts her up into little pieces, puts them all in a chest, and throws her in the Tigris. Then his little boy comes home crying and tells his father he secretly stole an apple from his mother, and then a slave stole it from him, and the slave wouldn't give it back even after he told him how far his father went to get them for his mother.

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The Arabian Nights (Barnes & Noble Classics Series) by Muhsin J. Al-Musawi | Waterstones

Several friends have asked me to discuss the differences between the editions, so I thought I'd present a four-way comparison and then talk about which version is best for which audience. For the purposes of the four-way comparison, I will draw text from the opening tale of the two kingly brothers in order to highlight how each popular version handles "adult" content and racial content. When they came to the pool of a fountain they all undressed and mingled one with another.

Suddenly, on the King's wife crying: 'O Masud! Ya Masud! At this signal, all the other men slaves did the same with the women and they continued thus a long while, not ceasing their kisses and embraces and goings in and the like until the approach of dawn. He shut himself up in his apartment, and sat down at a window that looked into the garden.

Suddenly a secret gate of the palace opened, and there came out of it twenty women, in the midst of whom walked the Sultaness. The Sultaness clapped her hands, and called: "Masoud, Masoud! It was therefore with the deepest shame and sorrow that he accidentally discovered, after several years, that she had deceived him completely, and her whole conduct turned out to have been so bad, that he felt himself obliged to carry out the law of the land, and order the grand-vizir to put her to death.

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They walked under the very lattice and advanced a little way into the garden till they came to a jetting fountain amiddlemost a great basin of water; then they stripped off their clothes and behold, ten of them were women, concubines of the King, and the other ten were white slaves. Then they all paired off, each with each: but the Queen, who was left alone, presently cried out in a loud voice, "Here to me, O my lord Saeed! He walked boldly up to her and threw his arms round her neck while she embraced him as warmly; then he bussed her and winding his legs round hers, as a button loop clasps a button, he threw her and enjoyed her.

The editor and translator have deliberately worked the translation to be as readable to the English eye as possible, even making judicious choices about where to refrain from using diacritical points single quote sound points, as in 'ain in order to ease the reading experience. They've made a concerted effort to retain the adult content without being lewd, the racial content without descending into offensive caricature, the poetic content without overwhelming the reader, and the entire content without condensing the text and losing material.

For children, however, the superior volume is probably the Muhsin al-Musawi edition. This edition is condensed, but the editing was done with great care to maintain story structure and content. The adult content has been toned down considerably, the racial content has been handled tactfully, the extra songs and poems have been almost entirely removed, and there are interesting and attractive pictures in the electronic edition.

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My biggest complain here is that the adult content has been excised to a degree that almost brings unfortunate implications: when adultery is characterized as "conversing", the angry and jilted husband seems to be seriously over-reacting. Still, if you want a sanitized version of the tales, the al-Musawi edition is almost certainly the way to go. I do not recommend the Lang edition. Lang's fairy tale collections, such as the color fairy tale books, are usually a delight, but his Arabian Nights edition is thin on content and heavily paraphrased.

The stories are gutted to remove the adult content and shorten the tale length for children, but in many cases the changes are not carefully glossed over, and huge plot holes and unresolved threads are left dangling. I've never met a Lang reader who didn't ask me what was going on in one tale or other because the translation is so poorly rendered.

Neither do I recommend the Burton version. If anything, the Burton version has the exact opposite problems as the Lang version: Burton's edition lengthens the stories with extensively lewd descriptions and offensive racial imagery. The edition was also rendered in the s, and the language within has not aged well -- there are all lot of "forsooth"s and "verily"s that bog down the reading.