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I learnt that when working together for the same goal ideas and action flow quite easily and goals can be accomplished. I also learnt more about the University… and the range of assistances on offer. I have grown … through this experience. While offering great opportunities, there are also a number of considerations before implementing students-as-partners practices or approaches within the equity field.

The following recommendations and cautions are derived from my own experiences of collaborating with students in the design, development, and implementation of programs that seek to support equity students during their transition into university and throughout their academic journey. This list offers some insights that may assist others as they undertake similar endeavours:. While the number of students attending university grows, we must question whether we have achieved a more equitable tertiary landscape.

Dental Science student year representatives talk about the UQ Staff-Student Partnership.

Across a number of countries, the stratification of certain learners relates to factors such as university choice Reay, , learner pathways Lim, , and retention rates Higher Education Standards Panel, Within equity and outreach, there remains a focus on raising aspirations among students when perhaps, as Cummings et al. Students-as-partners practices offer the possibility of accomplishing this in a meaningful and productive way. This perception of aspirations is very different to the static assumption that aspirations are low and so need to be raised. As such, forging these types of collaborative ventures within the equity and outreach space offers potential to envision and create a university for all rather than for just some.

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Cliffe, A. Launching a journal about and through students as partners. International Journal for Students as Partners, 1 1. Cook-Sather, A.

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Creating brave spaces within and through student-faculty pedagogical partnerships. Teaching and Learning Together in Higher Education Engaging students as partners in learning and teaching: A guide for faculty. Cummings, C. Can changing aspirations and attitudes impact on educational attainment? A review of interventions. York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Higher Education Standards Panel. Final report: Improving retention, completion and success in higher education. Canberra: Department of Education.

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Lim, P. Do individual background characteristics influence tertiary completion rates? A student equity in higher education research grants project. Perth: Curtin University. Mann, S. Alternative perspectives on the student experience: Alienation and engagement. Studies in Higher Education, 26 1 , Marginson, S.

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The worldwide trend to high participation in higher education: Dynamics of social stratification in inclusive systems. Higher Education, 72, Matthews, K. Students as partners as the future of student engagement.

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Student Engagement in Higher Education Journal, 1 1 , Five propositions for genuine students as partners practice. International Journal for Students as Partners, 1 2 , Connecting learning, teaching and research through student-staff partnerships.

Tong, A. Sotiriou Eds.

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