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From , this included Walvis Bay, which, under the South West Africa Affairs Act, was governed as if it were part of the mandated territory. The Prime Minister , Jan Smuts , objected to South West Africa coming under UN control and refused to allow the territory's transition to independence, instead seeking to make it South Africa's fifth province in This was to the advantage of the National Party , which enjoyed strong support from the predominantly Afrikaner and ethnic German white population in the territory.

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An additional consequence of this was the extension of apartheid laws to the territory. The ICJ also clarified that the General Assembly was empowered to receive petitions from the inhabitants of South West Africa and to call for reports from the mandatory nation, South Africa.

In another Advisory Opinion issued in , the Court further ruled that the General Assembly was not required to follow League of Nations voting procedures in determining questions concerning South West Africa. This case did not succeed, with the Court ruling in that they were not the proper parties to bring the case.

It also ruled that all member states of the United Nations were under an obligation not to recognise as valid any act performed by South Africa on behalf of Namibia. The South African authorities established 10 bantustans in South West Africa in the late s and early s in accordance with the Odendaal Commission , three of which were granted self-rule. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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South West Africa. Flag — Coat of arms. Part of a series on the. Main article: German South West Africa.

Contributions to the Geography of South-West Africa

Archive: Information released online prior to January 20, United States Department of State. Archived from the original on Retrieved 5 February South Africa had illegally occupied neighboring Namibia at the end of World War II, and since the mids, Pretoria had used it as a base to fight the communist party in Angola. Retrieved on Geography , Vol. Ethnic Politics in Kenya and Nigeria.

German South West Africa | historical state, Namibia | glucinamchicti.cf

These colonies and territories, in the words of Article 22 of the League Covenant, were "inhabited by peoples not yet able to stand by themselves under the strenuous conditions of the modern world. Although the powers had publicly voiced opposition to territorial annexation as a proper end of victory, secret arrangements had in fact been made by Great Britain, France and Japan prior to the armistice. South Africa was to receive. This site uses cookies to improve your user experience.

Click here to learn more. In-depth analysis delivered weekly - Subscribe to our newsletter, featuring our editors' top picks from the past week. By more than 9, German settlers were living in the colony, but the dry climate and lack of water was a limiting factor on further settlement and expansion. Rehbock visited German South-West Africa in and produced this analysis of its economics, geology, climatology, and hydrology.

South West Africa People's Organisation (Swapo)

His work contains detailed maps, tables, and plans for water projects. It remains a valuable resource for the study of the history of Namibia. Author Rehbock, Theodor, born Date Created Subject Date Publication Information D.