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We here at AuthorPress were highly impressed by it, and we think it shows a lot of promise! You in? What else do you have to do? So what gives? Coming clean about Dr.

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Knutz to my friends was freeing and all of that, just like he said it would be. OMG, that play he wrote? God, what are you two, attached at the hip? You can spend ten minutes apart, you know. Now come shopping with us. Pinkberry after! My treat! Lana thinks Pinkberry solves everything. Or, if not Pinkberry, Allure magazine. I have to be there to support him.

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Just go without me. God, what is with you? Fine, be that way. I mean, even I got into Penn. And my senior project was on the history of eyeliner.

I got the lowest math SAT score you can get. A college with beaches! Can I come over for spring break? I promise to bring plenty of Penn hotties…Oops, gotta go, Fleener is breathing down my neck. What is UP with these pinheads? And it still feels like all I ever do is lie. But I found out the hard way—a little less than two years ago now, actually—what happens when you tell the truth. Not big lies. Oh, yeah, that would go over really well. Like luck had anything to do with it! Okay…I did do really well in the writing and critical reading sections of my SATs.

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And my college app essays were good, too. I worked my butt off on those. But I can be truthful to myself : All those colleges I applied to? I know every single one of those schools will give me a wonderful, unique educational opportunity. If only I could have applied under my pen name—Daphne Delacroix—to know for sure.

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Got it? Dealing with her, I mean. I mean, with our apathetic population, who else would be interested in running? I never dreamed the Contessa Trevanni would put up the money for her son-in-law to campaign against him. I should have known. Not to mention all this other stuff. I mean, Dad and Genovia are facing all these changes, and so am I. No one knows the truth but me.

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And Principal Gupta. And my parents, of course. Martinez, of course, who was my advisor, and who actually read it…or at least the first eighty pages of it, since I noticed she stopped correcting my punctuation after that. Of course Dr. Only Dr. Knutz knows the exact extent of my lies.

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If you ask me, a good place for me to start telling the truth would be in Dr. Yeah, he pretty much came to the rescue when I was going through one of the darkest periods of my life though he made me do all the real work to climb out of that black hole myself. K was there when the fallout happened after the Princess Amelie revelation.

It was awful. But Kenny Showalter—oh, sorry, Kenneth , as he wants to be known now—wanted to go to Columbia more than anything, but instead got into his second-choice school of MIT.


The Princess Diaries, Volume X: Forever Princess Book by Meg Cabot

Instead, he got into Juilliard, which is in New York City. So that means Tina and Boris will at least be going to colleges in the same city. Oh, and Trisha is going to Duke. And Perin is going to Dartmouth. And Ling Su is going to Parsons. And Shameeka is going to Princeton. None of them is their first-choice college. Lilly wanted to go to Harvard. And no one who wanted to go to school together got into the same place! Including me and J. Well, except that we did. It was just easier that way than telling the truth, and having someone get their feelings hurt.

Even though my lie made J. With my math SAT score? K says this is the cowardly way of dealing with things.


But there are just ten more days of school to go! Anyone can fake anything for ten days. I had no idea the history of Genovian olive oil pressing was that fascinating. It is, believe me! As the main export of Genovia, olive oil and its manufacture is an extremely interesting subject.

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Listen to me! How sad can I sound??? As the main export of Genovia, olive oil and its manufacture is an extremely interesting subject? If only Tina knew what my book was really about! Well, hopefully. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. X by Meg Cabot. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

Meg Cabot Forever Princess Dedication For my agent, Laura Langlie, with love and many thanks for her endless patience, kindness, and, most of all, her sense of humor! Not to mention what it would do to the environment, which has already been severely damaged by cruise ship waste dumping— teen STYLE: Er…we can see this is an issue about which you feel passionately.

So you want to be a journalist?