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General Formula 2.

Oblique Incidence Reflectivity 2. Azimuth and Phase Shift 2. Normal Incidence Reflectivity 2. Normal Incidence Transmission 2. Dispersion Relations 2. Sum Rules 3. Experimental Methods 3. Introduction 3. Equipment 3. Spectrometers and Monochromators 3.

2. Optical Processes in Semiconductors

Sources 3. Detectors Vacuum Ultraviolet 3. Windows and Filters 3.

Mirrors 3. Polarizers 3. Measurement Techniques 3. Reflectance Under Oblique Incidence 3. Measurement of Azimuth and Phase Angle 3. Measurement of Normal Incidence Reflectivity 3. Measurement of Normal Incidence Absorption and Reflectance 3. Measurement of Pressure and Strain Effects 3. Measurement of Electroreflectance 3. Measurement of Photoemission 3. Preparation of Samples 4. Interband Transitions and Classification of Electronic States 4.

Quantum Theory of Interband Transitions 4.

Fundamentals of Semiconductors – Physics and Materials Properties - Semantic Scholar

Density of States 4. Classification of Electronic States 4. Spatial symmetry 4. Spin-orbit coupling 4. Methods of Band Structure Calculation 4. General considerations 4. Free electron model 4. OPW and Pseudopotential Method 4. Selection Rules 5. General 5. Direct Interband Transitions and van Hove Singularities 5. Group IV Semiconductors 5.

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  • Optical Properties and Band Structure of Semiconductors.

Zincblende Semiconductors 5. Systematics XIsoelectronic Sequences 5.

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Alkali Halides 6. General 6. Uniaxial Crystal 6.


Biaxial Crystals 6. Wurtzite Materials 6. Bismuth Telluride 6. Selenium 6. Graphite 6. Rutile 7. Deformation Phenomena 7. Hydrostatic Pressure 7. Piezoreflectance 7. Germanium 7.

Laser Irradiation Effect & Photoconductivity in Amorphous Semiconductor

Silicon 8. Excitons 8. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Synopsis Laser irradiation effect on optical properties of Se-Te based chalcogenide thin films with different metallic additives has been studied using TEA N 2 laser as an irradiation source. Chapters Front Matter.

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