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Online since:. October Cited by. Related Articles. Paper Title Pages. Abstract: In order to improve the reliability and security in production, effectively checking and maintaining equipment must be put into practice. The results show that our model has the obvious economic benefits. The optimization analysis of equipment maintenance based on Monte-Carlo provides a theoretical basis for optimized detection and maintenance decisions.

Authors: Zhi Ming Wang. The failures of NC machine tools are described using Weibull process. Sensitivity analysis of cost parameters is given to show how the optimal results depend on the different cost parameters. If an equipment is in wear later stage or PM actions are not too effective to it, it is not suitable to add the number of maintenance.

Authors: Xiao Li Zou. Abstract: An optimal preventive maintenance scheduling model for deteriorating structures is presented. The random initial damage and the cumulative damages are quantitatively measured with the statistical distribution of a dominant fatigue crack size in the structure. The preventive maintenance for the structure in service is assumed to be possible only at a series of discrete times. By taking into account the costs of structure failure and preventive maintenance, a minimum cost rate criterion is established to determinate the optimal time for preventive maintenance.

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Finally, an illustrative example is given. Abstract: The scheduled aircraft maintenance mode inevitably results in gradually descending reliability of avionics equipment with the increasing service cycle and maintenance frequency.

The reliability predictive method is established based on data fusion. It can realize the predictive evaluation of avionics equipment reliability. The method of defining optimum maintenance cycle on scheduled aircraft maintenance is under the MSG-3 framework at presented.

Abstract: This paper presents overviews about reliability and maintainability of equipment especially for job-shop manufacturing systems. The job shop industry has the characteristics of a more dynamic production than flow shop industries, where products with a variety of great but small amounts. Its dynamic condition certainly contributes directly to the failure rate and reliability growth of equipment.

Therefore, proper maintenance should be done as the reliability improvement. Stages of reliability improvement are reliability modeling, reliability analysis and maintenance optimization. This stage is based on reliability growth of equipment that is indicated the deterioration process of failure components, it can be build from maintenance data history or condition data monitoring..

Cost is often considered in points of a maintenance schedule.

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This cost was affected by minimizing the negative effects of maintenance and maximizing the benefit of production. The attention at reliability and maintenance optimization is a well researches area until now. This paper presents a brief review of existing reliability and maintenance research. Several reliable methods in this area are discussed and maintenance on job-shop industry as future prospects is investigated.

It is shown in this paper that some aspect in the area of maintenance on job-shop industry steel needs to be deeply developed. Advertisement Hide.

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