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Jeremiah 6 16 summary

This book is a collection of Walter Brueggemann's famous articles on the book of Jeremiah. This volume is indicative of his great capacity as a theologian, whose aim is to present a way to read Jeremiah as a prophetic word meant for us today. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that in general he takes a synchronic approach to the book of Jeremiah and a very critical stance against contemporary scholarship for its failure to offer a comprehensive theological reading of Jeremiah for today's readership.

Brueggemann has criticized the major commentaries written by Holladay, Carroll and McKane: Holladay's work is limited in many ways due to his focus on the historical Jeremiah and his exclusively historical-literary approach to the book. Carroll's work deals only with the ideology of the redactors in relation to the process of the formation of the book of Jeremiah.

McKane's work is too academic to make any theological interpretation of the book available for its readership. One may choose not to follow Brueggemann's theological approach to Jeremiah, but his argument is worth considering since it has generated a good amount of dialogue among scholars during the past few decades.

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The ongoing dialogue between Brueggemann and Carroll in particular is well known indeed. Those who read this volume can easily see that Brueggemann works with his conviction that a prophetic word is never a human word with an ideological claim but the word of God with a theological claim. Although Brueggemann's approach to Jeremiah is very theocentric, this does not mean that he completely disregards historical-literary questions.

He often brings the historical and the theological readings together in his interpretation.

For example, he does not deny the pro-Babylonian golah perspective in Jeremiah, which modern scholarship attributes to the redactor's ideology. For Brueggemann, however, this perspective is part of the theological claim that God chooses the marginal in exile over the established in the land.

Over the years the biblical scholar Walter Brueggemann has written extensively on various Old Testament topics Among his favorite subjects is the prophet Jeremiah Fifteen of his articles on the subject have been collected in Like Fire in the Bones Listening to the Prophetic Word in Jeremiah P. The Medium and the Message.

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