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Swift Synth is a full-featured, 5-voice synthesizer with morphable oscillators, beautiful reverb, fm, stereo effects, noise, adsr, bitcrusher, multi-tap delay and more….

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We had a record setting…. The new edition…. Swift Radio Pro is an open source radio station app with robust and professional features.

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This is a fully realized Radio App built entirely in Swift 2. Well done, Apple! One of the things I enjoy in open source contributions is discovering various tips in a fun environment. This year, the Colorado Rockies have added a small line-up of Colorado based bands to their games.

Our band, The Sound and Color, was humbled to be the featured band at the June 6th day game….

iPhone and iPad Game Development For Dummies by Buttfield–Addison, Paris

AudioKit is the premiere new library on the block. When I came across it, I knew that…. I recently created a little game called SongyBird! It could be suggested that Flappy Bird is the first widespread Meme for developers….

Mobile game development: best tools and advice

Nowadays, the simplest code is always what impresses me the most. Those who inherit your code will praise you for it. Had an awesome time speaking at Denver Creative Tech! Swift 2.

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Our Band Played at Coors Field! This is another great course for beginners to start learning iOS development. It's also completely free as of now. The course is designed for the complete beginner and you will learn how to build iPhone apps with Swift 4, Xcode 9, and iOS 11, step-by-step. The instructor Grant Klimaytys is very enthusiastic and not only teaches you Swift 4 and iOS 11 but also how to build your own apps and release them into Apple's App Store.

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  • In short, this course provides a unique chance to learn to program from a veteran for free and learn from his massive experience. Swift was designed keeping education in mind and, hence, it's also a good language for learning to program.

    There is also a free iPad game called Swift Playground which you can use to learn to code in Swift for free. This is also a hands-on course, so, you will not only learn the basics of iOS 11 Development but also develop two complete iOS applications! That's all about some of the best free courses to learn iOS app development. As I have said, iOS and Swift are the best ways to start your programming career because they not only make you job ready but also offer you the ability to earn some income by creating games and apps for yourself. If you have good creativity and programming skills, you may turn out to be an app entrepreneur like the creator of Angry Birds or Floppy Birds.

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