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As an undergraduate in the Army Reserves, Bucher thought he was preparing for a career in state and federal law enforcement. He had been working on a sexual assault case with the Army and was frustrated with some issues. If you want to change things, you need a lot more school. That discussion motivated him to attend graduate school at the University of Memphis before he earned his doctorate at Emory University. He decided on a career in academia and returned in to teach at Baker.

Bucher this year teaches principles of sociology, a Quest course, youth and crime, senior seminar in sociology, social inequality, medical sociology and criminal justice through the Inside-Out Prison Exchange class at the Topeka Correctional Facility. Baker students travel weekly to the facility, where they share a class with incarcerated individuals.

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He also teaches introduction to criminal justice concepts at the School of Professional and Graduate Studies. Kopke Award for Distinguished Teaching. I enjoy working with students who want to push and challenge themselves and who are open to learning and open to new perspectives — all part of critical thinking. I also like working with students who I get to know and who get to know me. Harris, a distinguished teaching honoree in , has been familiar with Baker since attending the Methodist Youth Fellowship Institute as a 3-year-old and staying overnight in what is now Pulliam Hall.

When she enrolled as a student in the mid- s, she quickly became involved in Phi Mu, Student Activities Council, tennis and intramurals. Harris teaches a Quest course and transfer salon on the Baldwin City campus, and managerial accounting for the School of Professional and Graduate Studies. Among the most enjoyable aspects of teaching is connecting with students. Gary Irick has been connected to Baker since birth. While earning a business administration degree, Gary played on successful tennis teams and was active in Delta Tau Delta.

With the same majors, Harris and Irick took several classes together. The expectation of excellence prepared me well for my career in public accounting. As an associate professor and chair of the business and economics department, Irick teaches primarily accounting courses. In his first year as assistant professor of biology, Kimball is the latest Baker graduate to return to his alma mater to teach.

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He teaches human ecology, introduction to ecological and organismal biology, general zoology and ecology, animal behavior and independent study in forest ecology. I had amazing professors who were excellent mentors and advisors throughout my college career, but who also gave me great advice post-graduation. I became a better person at Baker. It was a journey filled with challenges but it was totally worth it. I am not sure which phrase is better.

Love what you do! After my studies, I will continue to educate myself with more courses. BTI motivated me to grow and improve my skills in this fast growing world of professional beauty. It is an amazing place to study part time if you have a job or even full time. There is a wonderful faculty that is always readily available to help you with anything you need. My classes are always educational as well as fun. BTI offers a wide range of courses and in fact, I plan on extending my horizons as soon as possible.

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My teacher who is wonderful and very knowledgeable, teaches us new things all the time. We are a pretty small class at the moment and look forward to growing immensely as times passes by. Thank you for the valuable opportunity to conduct my job shadow with you on 28, 29 and 30 June It was very kind and helpful of you to take the time out of your demanding programmes to expose me to the real aspects of what life could be like working in the health, beauty, nails, skincare and complementary therapies industries.

Thank you for all the effort you put into answering my questionnaire thoroughly and with so much useful information. Lucia, I loved how you walked between the tables and how easily you were able to alternate between the content of the different modules in the various courses. Hopping form different massage techniques to teaching people the difference between using a milky cleanser and a gel cleanser was remarkable. I was not fully aware of the anatomy, physiology, chemistry and physics aspects of the theory section of this career.

The experience of shadowing not only you, the Educators, but also the Learners, showed me how BTI is not only an educational institute but a happy learning enviroment where everyone shares knowledge, supports each other and works together as a family. The teachers at BTI are very helpful and have a great supporting system. It took many hours of studying and hard work to complete the course but with the help of my lectures we all improved on our working skills, team work and confidence.

The course has opened tremendous doors and gave me working opportunities others could only dream of. I am thankful for all they have done for me. Please accept our gratitude for supporting and partnering with the Youth Work program, by providing our participant with an internship opportunity, which has allowed them to have a sense of idea and direction of the career choice they have chosen. Thank you for opening your doors and giving them the space to explorer and learn.

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We look forward to doing more work of this nature with you in the coming year and future. As I was growing up, I knew that I wanted to study further after I had finished school; I was just unsure about what I wanted to study.

Throughout my high school years, I discovered that sitting behind a computer is not what I am destined to do; I need to be practical, do something with my hands, make people happy and feel good about themselves. In the meantime, I explored my options of practical institutes, and came across BTI. I enquired about the courses, prices and about the college in general.

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This was the perfect option for me, with my mom being a single parent and not being able to afford a university or any other private institutes. This was great, as modular courses are offered here and can be paid as you do a module at a time which really helps, as you can save for one module while doing another. When I decided that this was what I wanted to study, I chose to do the Beauty Specialist Diploma; I started with one module, and then saved up for the next.

After completing two modules, I was blessed with the funds for the rest of the course. This was such an amazing blessing as I did not know where the rest of the money would come from for the next few modules. Now as my course is paid in full, I can still do one module at a time, or even do more than one at a time.

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I know that this is a popular treatment and made this my next goal as soon as my mom could afford it. During the year it has come to my attention that this very course was the prize in a lucky draw, and I thought to myself, this is mine; it is meant for me. Since that very day, I told my family and they believed with me and we made it a praying matter, as this course is the desire of my heart, they knew how important it was to me. Not even realizing, I answered the call. Only then it hit me why she was calling me.

The moment just brought tears to my eyes and a smile from ear to ear. My prayer had been answered! This was truly a miracle.

I am ecstatic to start this course, and I feel blessed and privileged to do it. My experience at the Beauty Therapy Institute has been wonderful so far. The times are flexible, so I am able to do another passion of mine; dancing, which takes up most of my time during the afternoon and evening but I am able to work around it. The lecturers are great, they are helpful when needed , I am never push down, they always build you up and they make you feel at home. It is an amazing environment and the atmosphere is always pleasant, creating such a good vibe to work in.

I could not have asked for a better place than this one to study further.

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I just want to thank you guys for picking me up when I had no idea about nails. Thank you for your support and the love to share your knowledge with me. Thank you so much. For this I will forever be grateful. Ships in 7 to 10 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! The Truth About Magic. In Stock.

I Studied Once at a Wonderful Faculty

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