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Life and Correspondence of John A. Davis, William C. New York: HarperCollins, Gonzalez, John Edmond. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, Gonzalez, John Edmund. January Hearon, Cleo. Riley, vol. Jackson: Mississippi Historical Society, May, Robert E.

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  • New York: Ballantine Books, Moore, Glover. Nevins, Allan. Ordeal of the Union. The Emergence of Lincoln. Rainwater, Percy L. Mississippi: Storm Center of Secession, New York: Da Capo Press, Skates, John Ray. Mississippi, A Bicentennial History. New York, W. Larger view Resolutions of the Legislature of the State of Mississippi declaring secession to be the proper remedy for the Southern States, November 30, Larger view Speech of Jefferson Davis on retiring from the U.

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    Larger view John A. Larger view. The American-Mexican War The American-Mexican War had barely begun in when the question of slavery in the territories became an issue. The Compromise of After months of intense debate, Congress passed the Omnibus Bill known today collectively as the Compromise of Posted April Bibliography Claiborne, J.

    Potter, David M. The Impending Crisis, Dean of Chester, and had plentiful issue. His niece married the celebrated critic Dr.

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    It appears finom the Bishop's Registers that, like some of his predecessors, he was much concerned to repress the spirit of insubordination and impatience of Episco- pal restraint which he found existing among his Clergy. Failing in his attempts to act as the spiritual adviser and comforter of his clerical brethren, and to uproot their antipathy to certain ancient and decent Ecclesiastical forms, he frequently cited them to appear before him in the Parish Church of Aldford, in which village he then resided, and publicly vindicated in their presence the polity of the Church.

    A formidable combination of Clergy, Laity, and strong prejudices was not, however, easily overcome, and the exclusively sectarian spirit which animated these good but mistaken men could not be subdued ; instead of a kind and gratefiil feeling being excited towards the Bishop, who was really conciliatory and forbearing in his first proceedings, and sought to avoid rather than provoke controversy, he was regarded by them as their spiritual enemy, and one who sought to fetter their independence and destroy their liberty. Amongst these ancient and pertinacious worthies were Richard Midgley, sen.

    Parson of Bangor and of Thornton, where he died ; buried at Chester.

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    John's Camb. Dean of Winchester. Translated to Litchfield and thence to Dur- ham. Died not many years after Mart, of Gh. They were all cited to appear again at the same place on the 28th of November next foUowing, but the only one who complied with the order was Rothwell. In those days, when roads were proveVbiaUy bad and public conveyances un- known, a journey to Aldford must have been attended with serious inconvenience, especially on a gloomy and boisterous November-day.

    He was consecrated Bishop of Sodor and Man in , and was translated to Ches- ter January 14th, He departed this life at Thornton in the Moors, near Chester, of which parish he was Rector, on the 1st August, , aged 55 years, and was privately buried in the Choir of the Cathedral of Chester.


    Beet, of Wigan. He diBtinguished himself by his eztensiye classical and theological attainments at Cambridge, and was elected a Fellow of St. John's College. He became B. In he rendered himself con- spicnoos by his fearless attendance on the sick during the prevalence of the Plague in York, and becoming Chaplain to Lord Evers accompanied that nobleman in in his embassy to the Emperor of Germany. On his return he was appointed Domestic Chaplain to the Earl of Rutland, and wrote the first part uftheApoloffia Caiholiea, in consequence of the merit of which Archbishop Toby Mathews collated him to a prebendal stall at York.

    In he graduated D. He was a great benefactor to Winchester Cathedral. He was translated to Lichfield and Coventry March 6th, , and advanced to Durham, June 29th, He died at the house of Sir Henry Yelverton, Bart, at Easton Mauduit in Northamptonshire, September 23d, , aged 95 years, immarried, and was buried in the Parish Church there, with a long epitaph recounting his preferments and sufferings.

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    He endured, with much resignation, hardships, confiscation, and impri- soument, and has long had justice done to his memory as a good scholar, a sound Churchman, and a loyal subject. Dean of St. Paul's, and published in London, 4to, Clarendon mentions Bishop Moreton as being one of the "less formal and more popular prelates. He was also Prebendary of Lichfield and Peterborough.

    In he became Rector of Bangor-Iscoed in Flintshire. He died at his son's house at Moreton, and was buried at lUnnersley Church in Shropshire about the year In his grandson erected a monument to his memory.

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    Digitized by Google 12 Jlotttia etntximniA. Died at London. Died at London before he took possession. He main- tained annnallj at his own expense hopefol young men at the UniyersitieSy and preferred some to ecclesiastical honours who afterwards assisted in depriving him of his mitre. He was the direct ancestor of the present Earl of Bradford.

    Peter's College in 6. He graduated M. Paul's and Chaplain to Charles I. His perse- cutions and losses during the Great Rebellion having driven him into retirement, he projected his great work the Polyglot Bible, an imperishable monument of his learning and industry, which was first printed at London in six folio volumes in On presenting this work to Charies II. The joy of the people on the national resuscitation of Episcopacy was unbounded, and evinced itself by the most public and decided manifestations.

    He enjoyed his new situation for a short time only, and dying at his house in Aldersgate Street, London, on the 29th of November, , aged 62, was buried in St. He afterwards became Chaplain to his fellow citizen. In he was Chaplain to Charles I. He was one of the King's Commissioners, along with Hammond, Sheldon and others. Died at Wigan. Master of Trinity, Gamb. He was a persoilal favourite of the King, and suffered much for the Rojal Cause ; but at the Restoration a succession of dignities and rewards was conferred upon him. He was consecrated Bishop of Chester February 9th, -2, and died five weeks afterwards, on March 16th, and was buried with great honour, March 26th, , aged 59 years, having never been at Chester.

    Wood's AtUn.

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    He was presented by his College to the Vicarage of Menherriot near liskeard, but was deprived of his benefice, and prevented keeping a school for his subsistence, during the Usurpation. His death was occasioned by a wound he received from a knife which happened to be in his pocket as he acci- dentally fell from a terrace in the Rectory garden at Wigan, on the 23d of August, , aged 66 years. He was bom in , and in was entered of New Inn, Oxford, but removed to Magdalen Hall, where he graduated.

    On the breaking out of the Rebellion he took the Covenant, and in was created B. About he married Robina, sister of Oliyer Cromwell, by whom he had no issue, and in he was appointed Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. Through the influence of Greorge Duke of Buckingham he obtained the Bishoprick of Chester, and was consecrated NoYember 16th, , holding with it the Rectory of Wigan. He died at the house of Dr.

    Tillotson, who had married his daughter in law, on the 19th of November, , and was buried in the Church of St. Lawrence Jewiy, in London. He was one of the founders of the Royal Society to which he bequeathed four hundred pounds, and a pious, learned and scientific man, being greatly esteemed by Tillotson, Burnet, and the latitudinarian divines. Vide also Life of Adam MartindaXsy p. He was a lustie, strong growne, well sett, broad shouldered person, cheerful and hospitable.

    He was extremely well beloved in his Diocese.

    go site In he was minister of St. Clement's in Eastcheap, London, at which Church he preached his incomparable Lectures on the Creed, and afterwards published them, as he states in the Dedication to his Parishioners, at their request. Elected FJl.