PDF Half Moon: Henry Hudson and the Voyage That Redrew the Map of the New World

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You can still add it to your wishlist below. We will notify you via email when it is back in stock. Please note that prices are subject to change. Having had some success in his ventures, he comes up with a scheme to get funds to go where he wants to go and do what he wants to do, not exactly what his investors have paid him for. Douglas Hunter astutely points out that it was only in the years afterwards, when claims were disputed over which country actually could claim rights to the new world, that more than one country claimed Henry Hudson was working for them and that they were the ones who sent him out on the mission.

Can you expect a good outcome when you sail off with a bunch of pirates who are lying in wait for the captain to make a mistake? Perhaps Henry Hudson was the greatest pirate of all on board, pulling off greater corporate thefts, more than simply taking what could be pilfered on the high seas and at ports of call.

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The author has some interesting observations and speculations on the crew, too. Who were Robert Juet and John Colman and what did they bring to the voyage in terms of skills, distractions, or drama? It was only a matter of time until his crew sent him and his teenage son out to their cruel end. Perhaps DNA could prove this is so one day. What is it about the Hudson River and nearby geography that made it impossible to hop into a 17th century sailing ship and zip through the bays, then head up the river?

What took them so long? Why is there salt water so many miles to the north of the outlet of the Hudson, oftentimes days north toward the freshwater source? The author patiently takes the time to explain this to us so we can fully understand what a monumental undertaking it was for Hudson to push forward, trying to make sense of readings that were nothing like what an experienced navigator had come to expect. Henry Hudson was indeed a brave man, especially if you consider that he set out with overly optimistic myths about the weather, incredibly inaccurate maps, fear and ignorance, as well as plain old callous indifference to the numerous indigenous people he would encounter along the way, many of them well-armed.

Even so, he refused to turn back until it was all too clear that his ship could proceed no further.

Henry Hudson & The Half Moon

I have also spent time on several 17th century sailing ship replicas and have a special interest in the beginnings of our country, in particular, the beginnings of New Amsterdam where New York City is today. What I really enjoy though, is a good investigation, especially a historical one. Like unraveling a good mystery, investigation is busting the old myths and bringing an already interesting story into three-dimensional relief.

We can thank Douglas Hunter for giving us a new perspective and understanding of our history. PhyllisHarrison Apr 1, Won this in a Goodreads contest. Eagerly awaiting its arrival! Douglas Hunter is a competent researcher and wordsmith.

Henry Hudson

I was intrigued in the story of Henry Hudson, since the history books of my schooling showed nothing but adoration for the Englishman come Dutch explorer. In what would normally be a half-to-full page oratory on the man that is both the proto-founder of Newfoundland and New York, Mr. Hunter has expanded this into a tome that is a more of an anatomy of the business of sailing than it is of discovery. Practically every name that was involved with exploration and maps in the late 16th and early 17th Centuries is mentioned here, with frank openness contrary to what history may say.

Douglas Hunter takes great leave with history, making assumptions calculated by his knowledge of sailing and maps, which may fuddle the mind as he traipse through his book with collaborations of fact and his own thoughts of what might have really happened. Undoubtedly this is a must-have for any historian or history book collector, and those curious of shipping in that time of Hudson. But, also, without a doubt, this book shines poorly on Henry Hudson, making him seem aloof as a captain, and a somewhat accidental adventurer. His first trip to America or in this case, Newfoundland and the future New York area , would cause bloodshed for natives in LaHave, and later, the death of a crewman during a botched trade.

And more death when Natives became more suspicious of the voyagers.

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Most of the book does deal with the explorations by the Half Moon and crew, and touches briefly with the Hopewell voyage prior, and the disastrous Discovery voyage later. Once involved, it seemed that the ending of the book was too short, yet with little that is known of the latter trip to America, it is natural that it should be thus.

Hudson, Henry

The book is plodding, but if you can read Tom Clancy, then this is an obvious read. And again, it is a cornucopia of words and fact. In the end, a once trivial man becomes a poor man of fate. Half Moon is an very detailed account of Henry Hudson's voyage of and his discoveries in the New York area.

Henry Hudson and the Voyage That Redrew the Map of the New World

It seems to be very well-researched and it is a good read for anyone who is interested in Hudson or the feeling of that time period. I enjoyed the narrative in general and was able to follow the flow of events as the book develops into more of an adventure in later chapters. The players and events leading up to the main voyage covered in this book are intricately described and these chapters at the beginning of the book took me a lot of effort to get through.

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Although not the first mariner to explore North America, Henry Hudson — left a powerful legacy, vividly described in this richly detailed biography years after his journey up what became the Hudson River. Canadian historian Hunter God's Mercies: Rivalry, Betrayal, and the Dream of Discovery reminds readers that 16th- and 17th-century European entrepreneurs remained obsessed with finding a shortcut to Asia.

Having already failed at that route, Hudson departed with other ideas. He quickly found his way blocked by ice, but instead of returning to Holland sailed west across the Atlantic, eventually stopping near Manhattan and sailing up his eponymous river as far as present-day Albany. Hunter has clearly immersed himself in the period, producing a meticulous account of Hudson's three months in the New World. Readers may prefer to skim precise descriptions of his navigational difficulties, but few will resist the colorful personal conflicts, tortuous politics and alternately friendly and vicious encounters between Europeans and Native Americans.

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  • Condition: New. Dust Jacket Condition: New [Mylar protected]. First Edition [Stated]. Henry Hudson's 17th century discovery and exploration of the Hudson River and beyond in his Dutch sailing galleon the 'Half Moon.

    Half Moon – Douglas Hunter

    Flawless copy. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller. Dust Jacket Condition: New. First U. S Edition. Brodart protected dust jacket "A bold new account of explorer Henry Hudson and the discovery that changed the course of history. But the inscrutable Hudson, defying his orders, turned his ship around and instead headed west-far west-to the largely unexplored coastline between Spanish Florida and the Grand Banks.