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As far as i know and in the wiki. The rock elementals are non breedable. Maybe the wiki is as outdated as is said.

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This caught my eye really because i cant get a full inprint on the Gigantopithecus. Same thing as u.

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I have default growth rates as well. Last I checked, when you attacked something with something.. It took damage. And you have to attack something with something to knock it out. So here's 3 points I want to make with this information. So there is nothing wrong with what is happening in your images. I think you're just confused with how the actual game-mechanics of the process actually work.

He begins well, in a satiric vein, as some dumb Manhattan ladies of the 21st century get together for a few nice, old-timey "chaunts" for summoning up the Devil. And indeed, unbeknownst to the gals, their collective ids do conjure up super-fiend Golem - who starts murdering folks and sucking their bones clean, then returning to his "phasmaworld" below the level of conscious.


Dear, dear - will anyone figure out what's going on, golem-wise? Yes: Gretchen Nunn, the world's leading psychodynamicist, intuits the Golem's horrors - and, moreover, she intuits that Dr. Blaise Shima, a Japanese-Irish-French perfume-expert chemist, falls into fugue states corresponding to Golem 's murderous emergences from Phasmaworld. Furthermore, she finds a residue of Promethium a hallucinogenic element in the bones of the Golem's victims - a clue to the way that she and Shima can enter the Golem 's subuniverse and perhaps combat the deadly delirium.

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And their various trips into Phasmaworld are illustrated with several dozen psychedelic drawings. There is much to be admired in this fantasy - its satire and spontaneity - but somewhere along the line the high spirits congeal into massive self-indulgence and an attractively literate talent slips into doggerel.

A juicy curiosity that only diehard golem-watchers will want to see through to the mangled finale.

Max PEKKA vs Max Golem

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