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Computational Statistics. Associated R package: bootcluster Differential operators and families of automorphic forms on unitary groups of arbitrary signature. With J. Fintzen, E.

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Mantovan, and I. With X. Differential operators, pullbacks, and families of automorphic forms. Annales Mathematiques du Quebec.

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Issue 1 , With A. Caraiani, J.

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Springer International Publishing , A p-adic Eisenstein Measure for Unitary Groups. Reine Angew. A p-adic Eisenstein measure for vector-weight automorphic Forms. Volume 62, No.

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This paper is based on my dissertation : p-adic Differential Operators on Automorphic Forms and Applications. Families of L -Functions and Their Symmetry.

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Each peer-reviewed submission in this volume, based on the Simons Foundation symposium on families of automorphic forms and the trace formula held in Puerto Rico in January-February , is the product of intensive research collaboration by the participants over the course of the seven-day workshop. The goal of each session in the symposium was to bring together researchers with diverse specialties in order to identify key difficulties as well as fruitful approaches being explored in the field.

L-functions and symmetry automorphic forms trace formula families of automorphic representations of higher rank groups spectra of locally symmetric spaces p-adic families harmonic analysis and representation theory counting cohomological forms p-adic trace formulas Hecke fields slopes of modular forms orbital integrals.

Editors and affiliations. Buy options. Reviews: "It is made abundantly clear that this viewpoint, of families of automorphic functions depending on varying eigenvalue and multiplier systems, is both deep and fruitful.

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Poincare series. Selfadjoint extension. Families of Automorphic Forms Roelof W. Families of automorphic forms Roelof W.