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The apocalypse of radical revolution he predicted in The Fire Next Time did not come to pass, nor—given the resiliency of the American capitalist system, like it or not—is it apt to occur now.

He also tended to make dubious negative statements, such as accusing whites of being responsible for the death of Malcolm X, or saying that they are lacking in the sexuality-spontaneity department, to which I would respectfully demur. We do him no favors as a thinker to accept unquestioningly every statement he made. He has certainly become a useful heroic symbol for expressing our contemporary dismay at the persistence of racism, and a corrective to American complacency, and perhaps that should be enough.

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The film, by running together quotes from different stages of his life, without distinguishing their dates of composition, makes Baldwin out to be always in command, a consistent oracular figure, not subject to the vicissitudes and blockages of every writer. I felt reluctant to state aloud my reservations about the film, especially to those who loved it, and was even a little ashamed of myself for having them. Baldwin needs no excuse for his books falling off in quality: even the finest writers frequently do not sustain their best efforts over a whole lifetime.

Such dogged if doomed efforts in the face of artistic decline have their own heroic dimension. I Am Not Your Negro does not come close to touching that drama, but its inclusion, in my opinion, would have made for a more interesting or at least more honest movie.

Comments powered by Disqus. While Fifty Shades of Gray might seem like an obvious contender for a list of commonly challenged books, other entries are more surprising.

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Full Disclosure Baldwin the Prophet vs. They give context and counterbalance to the heated rhetoric of the day and lend the time-tested weight of history to important conversations and issues. Eliot and W.

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We are in the middle of significant religious, moral and political conversations in America right now — conversations that deserve a word from God. Amid these turbulent and uncertain times, it is vital that we consider what prophets we are listening to.

During Turmoil, Modern-Day Prophets are Guiding Lights

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