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And that was one hell of a legacy. Still, despite the echoes of the warmth and love that had once filled these rooms, I had no intention of keeping the house. Not when all I had to do was step into the kitchen to be reminded of everything that had happened.


I walked along the hallway, my boots echoing on the polished marble floor. I drew in a shuddery breath, then slowly climbed the carpeted stairs. The air had a disused smell. I walked across the thick carpet and opened the double doors to her wardrobe. Her clothes had already been donated to charity, but somehow seeing this emptiness hit me in a way that the emptiness of the other rooms had not.

I swiped at the tear that appeared on my cheek and resolutely walked into the bathroom. I opened the double doors under the basin and ducked down. After typing in the code, I pressed my hand against the reader.

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Red light flickered across my fingertips; then there was a soft click as the safe opened. I took a deep breath, then sat and pulled the door all the way open. There was also a stack of Microdrive photo disks and, finally, an envelope. There was nothing written on the front of the envelope, but faint wisps of orange teased my nostrils as I flipped it over and slid a nail along the edge to open it.

Inside was a folded piece of paper that smelled of Mom.

I took another, somewhat shaky breath and opened it. Could almost feel her warm breath stirring the hair near my cheek. But I was given little other choice. Besides, I saw my death long ago and knew it was the price I had to pay for having you. I never regretted my choice—not then, and most certainly not now, when that death is at my doorstep. Or worse, both of you. In the end, it just had to be. Live long, love well, and I will see you in the next life. I love you always.

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I closed my eyes against the sting of tears. I swiped at the moisture, then sat back on my heels. Oddly enough, I almost felt better. And I would have intervened. I mean, she was my mother. Her death still hurt—would always hurt—but a tiny weight seemed to have lifted from my soul. I glanced down at the letter in my hand, smiling slightly as her scent spun around me, then folded it up again and tucked it into my pocket.

Darkness Rising (Dark Angels Series #2)

That one piece of paper was worth more than anything else in her safe. I scooped up the remainder of the jewels, but as I rose, awareness washed over me. Qty: 1 2. Buy it now.

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You are viewing. People who bought this also bought. Fiction Books. About this product Product Information Keri Arthur is back - this time with an explosive new series that's packed with everything you could want: a feisty heroine, witches, vampires, werewolves, demons, angels of death, suspense and a whole lot of sexy action.

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Please log in to view pricing. Author s : Keri Arthur. Series: Dark Angels Series No: 2. Genre: Fantasy , Romance. Imprint: Romantic Sounds Audio.

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