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Most people and most nations believe in human rights — that every person has a moral right to be treated fairly by their government. We admire people who altruistically serve others and stand for justice — people like Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa. It is true there are some people of a more philosophical mind who deny the objective reality of any ethical statements, but it is difficult to see them carrying this belief consistently into everyday life. Their head may say we have no way to say genocide is wrong, but their feelings will likely find this difficult to live with.

So we hold people morally accountable for their actions. That is the basis of law, government and human interaction. But this raises questions. What makes some things right and others wrong? If we disagree about right and wrong, is there an ethical standard to judge by? And if we are just physical, how can we make genuine choices that are not physically determined, and so be morally responsible? Science tells us the big bang occurred 14 million years ago and produced a universe amazingly well-designed to allow life to occur. But how could the universe have just appeared out of nothing, or caused itself to appear before it was even there to do anything?

Perhaps our universe formed out of a larger mega-universe which comprises everything material that exists. But unless some non-material agent designed and initiated the whole universe, it exists without cause or reason and we have no explanation for it all.

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Some people are OK with that, but others want an explanation. There is much beauty in the world. People watch sunsets, go bush-walking, travel to exotic places, photograph birds, and find beauty and satisfaction. But people also suffer pain, hurt and loss, sometimes terribly. Sometimes it is too hard to bear for those suffering, and even those who are watching.

Our moral sense tells us something is wrong. I believe this is a true insight, and a terrible feature of our world. The beauty and the suffering in the world, and our responses to them, may tell us something about ourselves and about the universe. There is much that is admirable and beautiful in the human race. People can love, sacrifice for others, fight for human rights and be justifiably admired. Most people will make many ethical and unselfish choices each day and care for those they love.

Many will extend their care to the underprivileged, the poor and the suffering. But we know that there is also the dark side of humanity — greed, anger, discrimination and violence — and that too often the dark side wins out.

Even in each of us. Much of the suffering in the world is caused by people, and many of us seek justice and change for the victims. But gone forever are the tears caused by grief and pain and sin. The tears that we shed now because of persecution and slander will nowhere be found in the age to come.

God will wipe away every tear from your eyes. Many of you are weeping today. But in the new earth God will personally wipe away every tear! He will personally banish from your thoughts and your experience everything and anything that in this life led you to cry. Not of husbands, wives, aunts, uncles, children, brothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers, cousins, friends, neighbors. Funeral homes will be put out of business. Cemeteries will be empty, for all will have been raised in glorified bodies that are no longer susceptible to disease and decay.

No graveside services.

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No eulogies. No flowers to be sent or cards of condolence to be written. Never again a long caravan of cars with their headlights on. No police escorts to the cemetery. There will be no physical pain because our bodies will have been glorified and made like unto the body of Jesus. O death, where is your sting?

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That is why there will no longer be kidney failure or heart disease or diabetes or cancer. No more asking why me or how long? No decay or dissolution. Those of you who live with constant, chronic pain and disability should be especially encouraged and empowered to persevere. The day is coming, and when it comes it comes forever, never to be reversed, when all pain will be gone! And not just physical pain, but emotional pain, marital pain, relational pain, the pain of a wayward child or an unfaithful spouse, the pain of disappointment and loss, indeed, the pain of every sort and from every cause, all will be gone!

You who suffer from depression or anxiety or relentless fear will forever and finally be set free! The joy and happiness and elation that will be yours will immeasurably, indeed infinitely exceed anything you have ever experienced in this life or hope to have experienced. It will have disappeared, never to re-emerge.

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Indeed, as God himself declares in v. We will be made spiritually and morally new in the sense that our battle with sin and temptation and lust and greed and envy will be forever over. Your frustration with not being able to do what you know is right and your guilt for having failed will be gone.

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A vision is a picture of the future that produces passion in you. You function best as part of something bigger than yourself.

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1. God’s love is incomprehensible.

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